Music video in the works for Sydney artist Lou Millar

March 2017

I’m very excited to start working on a collaboration with the gorgeous front-woman of Twin Caverns, Lou Millar, who’s also embarking on a solo music project. We’ll be heading up to Bathurst to shoot a video for ‘Sympathy’ in the next few weeks!

Lou Millar

Lou Millar

Music video shoot for Elsz’s song Dark Room

November 2016

I had an amazing time shooting this music video with Natasha Nathanielsz, who’s musical alterego is Elsz, and a group of talented dancers. We created an ethereal dark space in the UNSW theatre for a night. There was lots of body glitter. I’m very excited to release this baby into the world in 2017!


All images © Maisie Cohen 2016


2SER New Feminist Podcast

August 2016

I’ve been working on an episode for a new feminist podcast with some other ladies for 2SER radio in Sydney. We’re aiming to get the as-yet-unnamed podcast out into the world by the end of the October.

I’m looking into various aspects of women’s sexuality; in what spaces do women learn, discuss and understand their sexuality? What are we taught about women’s pleasure at school, in the media? How are individuals and groups using technology to create new narratives around women’s pleasure? How important is communication, and what should we all know about the art and science of female arousal that many of us don’t?

I speak to sex educators, artists, and get some answers to these and other questions. I have been to Melbourne to attend a training session for the positive relationships workshop providers Undercurrent, and I am about to embark on a trip to Byron Bay/Gold Coast to attend a Yoniversity workshop with a friend, Emma.

Here are some of the wonderful people and organisations I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to so far…

Queen Cxnt theatre piece


I’m currently working with a group of amazing and talented women from the God Queen collective on a theatre piece focusing on women’s sexuality for Sydney Fringe Festival 2016.

As well as taking part in the creative process of this new work, I am documenting with my lovely new Sony camera in the hopes of producing a short documentary about the journey of the show and the people behind it.

Stay tuned! (and come see it! At Midnight Shift in September)

Queen Cxnt - coming soon

Queen Cxnt – coming soon

A Way With Words: photos from the radio doco




Skip Dinner: short documentary on cooking with dumpstered food


What do you get when you cross a top level chef with a resourceful rascal from a farm in WA and get them to dumpster for a gourmet meal? Skip Dinner!

I worked on this little film with Joshua Heath, Will Lachlan-Roberston, Leith Alexander, Brian Landry and Glen Slough, which explores issues around food wastage and usage.

Watch here: Skip Dinner

Intro/promo for LGBT in Russia documentary

This is a nice little snippet compiling some of the best grabs from those I interviewed for my radio documentary about increasing homophobia in Russia, laid over a great track which DJ Rokk from Britain was kind enough to allow me to use. I found the song online after searching for videos of different LGBT solidarity events around the world. The wonders of the internet truly are ceaseless.

Intro audio for radio doco

Skip Dinner bin shoot


We went dumpstering in and around Enmore and found lots of Christmas crackers, bacon and chocolate. Not the healthiest haul ever! Good fun though. Props to Josh for getting into bins and covered in bin juice in the name of creativity!


Gaijin video


So yep finally got around to making some video to go with this poem I wrote about travels in Japan a while ago. That Super 8 app on iPhones is pretty damn cool!

Watch Gaijin video here y’all

Now You See Her by Sarah Steel


I’m currently working on the rough cut for my friend Sarah’s short film Now You See Her, and I’m excited to see it all coming together! Gonna be great.