Equal Pleasure: Radio Series released on International Women’s Day 2017



I produced a series of seven episodes of Equal Pleasure for the Community Radio Network which were made available to community radio stations across Australia as part of their International Women’s Day Programming on March 8. Thanks to Martin Walters from CRN for his guidance in getting this content ready for broadcast!

The episodes are now available to listen on Soundcloud:


Read the companion article published by The Ladies Network:



Equal Pleasurefrom maisie Cohen on Vimeo.

A Way With Words: doco on spoken word for FBi Radio


There are people all over Australia learning to express themselves using poetry – and not the kind you learned in school. For FBi’s All the Best program, I explored the world of performance poetry, speaking to activists, community housing residents and prisoners all learning to use poetry to express their ideas. There are poems about oil and gas fracking on the coast off Indigenous land, poems about disadvantage and racism, poems about human connection.

Listen: A Way With Words

Radio documentary for ABC: LGBT in Russia 2013


Towards the end of 2013 I produced a 25 minute radio documentary that went to air on ABC Radio National and local radio. I also wrote a feature for the ABC News Online page. It was the first extensive piece of radio journalism I’ve done, having previously produced just one shorter story for radio current affairs. I was nervous initially, but after getting the first interview done, I was hooked. It felt weird to be the one asking the questions, like I was just playing at being a journalist. But I guess that’s how a lot of people start out really – you feel like a novice and gain confidence throughout the process, learning as you go.

I spoke to several activists from the LGBT community in St Petersburg and Moscow. Their passion and quiet perseverence against a regime that has attacked the rights of many different groups was humbling to hear. It was difficult for me to whittle down this piece to the very generous length it ended up. My first cut was 44 minutes and I remember thinking ‘how I am ever going to do this!’ But with systematic culling here and there, I made it. It was a piece I was proud to share. I wanted to push the message of these strong people out into the world and I managed to get Stephen Fry to tweet the link to the doco on the ABC News page, which was pretty exciting.

I now have plans to go to Russia. After reading some of Masha Gessen’s books about Vladimir Putin and punk band Pussy riot, I’m excited to visit the country I’ve recently been learning about, and to hopefully meet some of the people I interviewed in person.

Listen to the radio documentary here

Gaijin – a poem

Gaijinfrom maisie Cohen on Vimeo.

Japan is a stunningly beautiful and unique place, strange in its combination of extreme urban landscapes and quiet, ancient ones. After returning, I was compelled to write this poem that describes some of my experiences and impressions there.

Hermannsburg digital storytelling workshop

In April I travelled to Central Australia with my dad and some of his colleagues from UWS to help deliver a digital storytelling workshop to some schoolchildren in a remote Aboriginal community called Hermannsburg, or Ntaria. It was a really beautiful trip; not just my first time in the desert, but also working with kids. They were cheeky, animated, and at times challenging, but it was a great experience that I’m looking forward to repeating in a few month’s time.

Upon returning to Sydney, I produced this radio story about the workshop for ABC Radio Current Affairs’ PM program.