Queen Cxnt: Lotan Sapir dances to Ngaiire’s Ordinary

September 2016

This video was a collaboration with the wonderful Israeli dancer Lotan Sapir, with Alphamama directing, that was played in the Sydney Fringe Festival theatre show Queen Cxnt.

Visuals for Queen Cxnt showfrom maisie Cohen on Vimeo.

Out of the Blue: video vignettes


A Spoken Word Workshop with Candy Royalle – 2014


At the end of 2014 I went along to record a performance poetry workshop run by Candy Royalle at the New South Wales Writers Centre for the radio doco I was working on for FBi.

It was a fun and enlightening two days, in which Candy got the participants to do different writing exercises, and eventually write an original piece inspired by personal experience that everyone got up and performed in front of the group.

A Spoken Word Workshop With Candy Royalle from maisie Cohen on Vimeo.

The Escapees – 2012

The Escapees
from maisie Cohen on Vimeo.

The Escapees is the short film I wrote, directed and produced for my Honours degree at UTS in 2012. The project consisted of the film and a research paper looking at ideas of the self, cinematic intertextuality, and myth and meaning-making in film.

They are two parts of a whole, and so watching the film on its own isn’t really the full experience. I did my best to make it a stand-alone piece, but it was also important that it expressed the ideas I was writing about. That may be something you notice when watching it, or it may not. The Escapees draws upon elements from the French New Wave and Film Noir. See if you can pick which films…

Anyway it was a fabulous experience making the film, I was so lucky with my cast and crew. Special thanks to Linda Ngo, Peter Maple, Debbie Neilsen, Marine Roche, Arnould Gely, Clare Holland, Chris Bland, Ryan Dunwoodie, Olya Ryjenko, Nic Cassey and so many more who helped me.

Clip for Burnt Toast by Nic Cassey

Burnt Toast from maisie Cohen on Vimeo.

Originally made for the Was I There In Your Future music and arts mini-festival at the Factory Theatre, Marrickville.
Edited by Maisie Cohen
Original footage thanks to Hart Cohen and family.

Sick – 2009/2010

Sick from maisie Cohen on Vimeo.

Written, animated, produced and edited by Maisie Cohen
Co-produced and animated by Alasdair Hamilton
Sound and music by Ryan Dunwoodie, Alex Torney and Josef Heks
Featuring the voices of Rosie Catalano, Colin Blackman, Jason Byrne, Sarah Attfield, and Justin Harvey

Screened at-

ATOM awards 2010
UTS Sydney International Animation Festival


ATOM awards best tertiary animation 2010

El Visitante – 2008/2009

El Visitante from maisie Cohen on Vimeo.

Written, animated, produced and edited by Maisie Cohen
Co-producer and cinematographer Alasdair Hamilton
Sound and music by Ryan Dunwoodie
Featuring the voices of Javier Garcia, Thomas Derricott, Sebastien Roussel,  and Colin Lovrinovic

Screened at-

Katoomba Film Festival 2009
Melbourne Underground Film Festival
ATOM awards 2009
UTS Goldeneye awards 2009


Best Animation, Katoomba Film Festival 2009
ATOM awards best tertiary animation 2009

Production Design for Den Sista Galaxonaut – 2011

I got down and crafty on this wonderful, unique project about a Swedish astronaut and all round awesome personality, Sven. It was a finalist in Tropfest in 2011 and for good reason – the director, my friend Alex George, is a wonderful young talent in filmmaking!

We bunkered down at the Antinutt studio in Redfern and spent several weeks creating miniature set pieces, including large chicken wire and papier-mâché mountains, a moon and planets. I also found some great retro clothing for costumes from in the second hand stores in the Blue Mountains.